Harry Winston Opus Collection

Launched in 2001, the Opus series represents a collaboration between the House, and master watchmakers, working together to develop an extraordinary expression of time, pushing the boundaries of horological innovation with groundbreaking movements previously unseen in the watchmaking industry. Demonstrating the technical mastery and artistic emotion of fine watchmaking in its most innovative and daring form, the unveiling of each new Opus remains one of the most highly anticipated horological events among timepiece connoisseurs.

The Harry Winston OPUS Story

2001 marked the beginning of the Opus Series at Harry Winston.

A human story, a unique creative adventure in the field of fine watchmaking, a technical exploration… Opus is all of these things at once, and more. It is a combination of creativity, genius and expertise.

It is an incredible platform on which the most unbelievable ideas take shape, and the rare talents that usually remain in the dark are brought out into the light of day…

Harry Winston Opus 14 – For Old Time's Sake

Fashions come and fashions go, but the 1950s in the USA never seem to lose their charisma, even for non-Americans. In a bid to cloak outstanding watchmaking in vintage garb, Harry Winston collaborated with two highly experienced watchmakers, Franck Orny and Johnny Girardin, founders of Telos Watch. Together, they turned back to that quirky decade of change, hope, charm and contrast and produced the latest Opus model.

by Joel Grandjean – The 1950s in the USA has delivered among the most memorable fads and icons of any decade in recent memory, from the beehive hair-do, to the torpedo bra, from the twist, to rock 'n' roll, from James Dean and Elvis, to Marilyn Monroe. At the heart of this bubbling, carefree, yet partly troubled culture, stood – or rather rolled – the car: great big gas-guzzlers, with rounded edges, lots of chrome, wild tailfins, busy dashboards. They coexisted with a veritable social institution, the "greasy spoon," those countless diners that lined the nation's highways and byways, offering homey cooking, fast and friendly service, and a congenial and practical space for people of all walks to meet.

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The OPUS collection: the videos

Opus 11 by Harry Winston

Harry Winston Opus 1 watchmaker - F.P. Journe

Harry Winston Opus 2 watchmaker - Antoine Prezuiso

Harry Winston Opus 3 watchmaker - Vianney Halter