Opus 3 with Vianney Halter

Opus 3 with Vianney Halter

In 1981, Vianney graduated from a watchmaking school in Paris, France.  He established himself as an independent craftsman and worked for eight years in the horological field restoring ancient clocks and watches. 

In 1994, he founded his own company in Sainte-Croix in Switzerland under the name of Janvier SA and launched his first collection at the 1998 Basel Fair: Antiqua. 

Since 2000, Vianney Halter has been working together with the French Designer, Pascal Pagès, to imagine new watches.


The Opus Chronicles: A Look At The First Five Harry Winston Opus Timepieces

By Hyla BauerContributor & Special Projects
With Maximillian Büsser at the helm, the Opus series found its firm place on the map of highly sought-after timepieces. 

Harry Winston Opus 3 watchmaker - Vianney Halter