Opus V with Felix Baumgartner

Opus V with Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner, son and grandson of watchmakers is a brilliant watchmaker from Schaffhausen who settled in Geneva in 1995, guided by a philosophy of crafting nothing less than entirely original watches. While he began creating small series of watches, he soon became involved in restoring antique watches and cooperating with prestigious name such as Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe.  

In 1997, Felix Baumgartner founded Urwerk Genève with his brother Thomas and friend and designer Martin Frei, who also contributed to the development of the Opus V project.  In 1996, The three associates had created their first model in 1996, a concept watch that created a sensation at the Baseworld fair, as the hour numeral appeared through an aperture following a semi-circular path, while auxiliary dots indicate the quarters.

Just 21 years old at the time, Felix was already fascinated by new technology and had the mind of an inventor.  As the design of his watches clearly indicates, he loves to imagine what the watch of the future will look like, drawing inspiration from science, especially astronomy.  Stars and spacecraft might in fact be behind the Opus V design.

The Opus Chronicles: A Look At The First Five Harry Winston Opus Timepieces

By Hyla BauerContributor & Special Projects
With Maximillian Büsser at the helm, the Opus series found its firm place on the map of highly sought-after timepieces. 

Harry Winston Opus V watchmaker - Felix Baumgartner