Opus 4 with Christophe Claret

Opus 4 with Christophe Claret


He is one of the masters in the art of chiming watches.  The origin of his infatuation of watches that play music or strike the time came from his background in a family of musicians. 

He entered Geneva’s Watchmaking School at the age of 16.  In 1987, he secured his first commission at the Basel watch fair for a minute repeater with striking jacks.  In 1989, he built his own company in La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

Today his company employs over 110 people and has its own design studio, metalworking, finishing and assembly workshops. His watchmaking workshops are known as suppliers of highly complicated movements to a number of watch brands


The Opus Chronicles: A Look At The First Five Harry Winston Opus Timepieces

By Hyla BauerContributor & Special Projects
With Maximillian Büsser at the helm, the Opus series found its firm place on the map of highly sought-after timepieces. 

Harry Winston Opus 4 watchmaker -- Christophe Claret