Opus 9 with Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud

Opus 9 with Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud

Opus 9 marks the first time that Harry Winston has partnered with two, independent pioneering forces in haute-horlogerie.  Both watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud have contributed to some of Harry Winston’s most significant timepiece innovations.  Opus 9 is the first time that the duo has joined forces to develop a Harry Winston timepiece design.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht:  Awarded the Grand Prix 2007 Best Watchmaker Designer, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht first partnered with Harry Winston in 1989, to develop its first timepiece, the Excenter Perpetual Calendar.  An integral part of the Harry Winston watchmaking DNA, the retrograde movement and excenter dial contributed to establish the brand as a leading innovator in haute horological design.  For Wiederrecht, a master of mechanical modules, this original innovation would provide the unique inspiration and conceptual challenge behind Opus 9 – to create a new incarnation of linear time.

Eric Giroud:  With a background in architecture, Eric Giroud has partnered with Harry Winston to develop some of its most aesthetically acclaimed timepieces, including the award-winning Tourbillon Glissiere.  Combining aesthetics and architecture, Giroud’s structural savoir-faire provides the necessary framework to bring conceptual designs to functional reality.  

In the tradition of Opus, the names of all three partners -- Harry Winston, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and Eric Giroud -- are marked on the back of the case.  Combining precise engineering, inspired architecture, and the world’s finest diamonds, this collaboration creates the perfect trifecta to accomplish the extraordinary.  Pushing the innovative extremes and challenging perceptions of time, the resulting design is a groundbreaking accomplishment that the essence of The Opus Series.

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Harry Winston Opus 9 watchmaker - Jean Marc Wiederrecht & Eric Giroud